Museum Re-design

My answers to the Whitney design:

  1. After reading the first article, I think that the Whitney Identity System was supposed to create a design that was identifiable was their brand, while being flexible enough to fit different products/medium and still look good.
  2. Responsive design is a type of design that can shift and change to fit different mediums and/or products while still looking cohesive. A pro of responsive design is that everything looks cohesive to the brand, but the design works for all different types of mediums/products. A con of this is that if the design changes too much in between products/mediums, or the base design isn't distinctive enough, the different mediums/products might look unrelated.
  3. I don’t think that simple designs are automatically boring. Simplistic design can be very dynamic. But I do agree that the Whitney design is a bit too simplistic/open-ended. The zig-zag changes based on what it is printed on, which isn’t a bad thing, but if the word “Whitney” isn’t there then people may not recognized their logo. I also think the design shift too much from product to product that I’m not sure it is cohesive between products. Some versions look like a w, some look like a backwards n, and some have only one side distorted with the other side normal. I think it’s a fine design element to have through out their products, but it doesn’t always read as a logo.

My mind map for the Bigfoot museum.

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