Emma VanDyke

My three artists researched were Sylvia Harris, Archie Boston, and Art Sims.

Sylvia Harris: ten things that embody her style.

  1. social impact
  2. environmental designs
  3. public service
  4. design process
  5. helping others
  6. impactful
  7. encouraging
  8. empowering
  9. functional
  10. strategic

Archie Boston:

  1. adaptable
  2. ambitus
  3. political
  4. self aware
  5. racially charged
  6. ironic
  7. encouraging
  8. no-nonsense
  9. Provocative
  10. humorous

Art Sims:

  1. posters
  2. African American Art
  3. racially charged
  4. marketing
  5. representation
  6. film
  7. advertisement
  8. race relations
  9. record designs
  10. self employed

Two designers and their pictures:

Art Sims:

At first I planned on making a design that resembled web article. After speaking to others about my design and getting some second opinions, I ended up with a more poster-like design.

I also collected some color pallets for inspiration. As well as doing some thumbnail sketches.